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CthulhuQuest: Mansions of Madness

A couple weekends ago I got a chance to play Mansions of Madness for the first time. Despite how long it’s been around, I’ve never played Arkham Horror either — surprising considering I’ve got the same longstanding adoration of the Cthulhu Mythos that about 90% of the role-playing community shares. The game was a ton […]

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My First Dungeon Crawl: HeroQuest

I already planned on posting about HeroQuest this week before Adam (of the most-excellent Dispatches From Kickassistan) made it even more pertinent with his HeroQuest via Roll20 proposal. It’s really quite a fitting first (non-map) post of the holiday shopping season for this new-ish blog of mine. During a late fall journey to Caldor, ostensibly […]

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