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The Worlds of 2nd Ed: Planescape

My first encounter with a setting that wasn’t featured on the inside front cover of my PHB came in May 1995, a few days after my birthday. I had money to spend, so of course I headed to the mall to grab some CDs at Sam Goody and browse the FLGS. Sitting there on a […]

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The Worlds of 2nd Ed: Al-Qadim

My office is still closed due to Hurricane Sandy, hence the relatively early hour of this post. Since the spirit of D&D is one of escapism, let’s leave behind the waterlogged northeast U.S. for the sun-drenched oases of Zakhara, the Land of Fate … I picked up the Al-Qadim box set and Monstrous Compendium Appendix […]

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The Worlds of 2nd Ed: Ravenloft

Unlike most of the other settings of the era, the first image of Ravenloft to stick in my head did not come from the inside cover of my PHB. As a kid who both liked horror and also tended to be pretty easily scared (or at least creeped out), the Ravenloft ads in Marvel Comics […]

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The Worlds of 2nd Ed: Dark Sun

Around the same time I began DMing for my peers, one of the “older kids” I also gamed with told me about a fun pre-published adventure he had recently played, which he wanted to run for a couple of us who hadn’t been there. In my experience, adventure modules were not commonly used during that […]

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The Forgotten Year

In the fall of 1993, a half-elf thief named Roland of Gilead (let he who is without this particular sin cast the first stone) wandered into Shadowdale’s famous Old Skull Inn, met up with some other adventurers, and nearly 20 years later I’m writing this blog. That was my first time playing D&D, and it […]

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PHB 2nd Edition

In a world …

The title of this post is to be read in an overly dramatic movie trailer narrator voice. When I got my first copy of the Player’s Handbook in 1993, enthralled though I was by the classes, races, spells, and all of the great illustrations, I was just as fascinated (perhaps even more so) by the gatefold […]

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