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New (Old) Look for a Map, and a Change of Venue

This is my 99th post on the blog, which is something I find pretty awesome. I was hoping I’d stick to this thing when I started, and it’s actually worked out well. Originally I thought I’d try to write a lot more essays/thoughts on older games and gaming culture in general, and at some point […]

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Saturday Morning Maps: Caves of Yth

I may be taking a respite from trying to post a map every week; I missed last week because I didn’t have time to get anything drawn and a break would give me some time to build up a reserve on those weeks I do have time. I don’t have a big back-catalog of maps […]

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Saturday Morning Maps: Goblin Tunnels

I tend to feel like I’m sort of cheating with these “natural” cavern maps if I don’t add much adornment; it’s really just a bunch of squiggly shapes on graph paper as randomly as the human brain can allow (which isn’t very, really). Still, happy with this.

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Saturday Morning Maps: Five-Minute Wilderness Map

OK, probably closer to 10-15 minutes with post-scanning adjustments, but still knocked out pretty quick either way. More than anything, this was born from not wanting to not have a post, though some things I’ve been reading and thinking about lately crept into it in their own highly generic way. I have been wanting to […]

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Saturday Morning Maps: Atgur Brutal, The Great Swamp

Stretching for nearly 1,000 miles between the salty marshes at its ends, the Atgur Brutal (“Killer/Death of Men”) stands as a natural barrier between the Atgur Reach and the rest of the northern continent. For centuries Arethi merchants toiled to maintain marked, raised trade routes that would allow safe traversal of the swamp to the […]

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Saturday Morning Maps: Wheaton Map Edition

In the past week, I’ve seen great versions of this from Dyson and Gus L, and I’m sure a ton of other people have been interpreting it, too. Decided to throw my hat into the memetic ring as well with my take on Wil Wheaton’s CC-licensed map of a dungeon that never was, but may someday […]

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