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The Night Children: Hobgoblins in the Age of Ruins

Hobgoblins are by far the most sinister and devious of the Night Children, possessing a sharp, cunning intellect to rival that of mankind. They commonly employ ranged weapons, such as bows, and many display knowledge of spellcraft — traits unique among least demons. Because of this wit, hobgoblins are frequently encountered as leaders among large […]

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Hopping Death: Frog-Men for DCC

I’ve got mad love for frog-men; I know I’m not alone in this, both Wampus Country and the HMS Apollyon feature notable frog-man races. Much like the rat-men I’ve previously covered, frog-men as a traditional fantasy gaming adversary have roots in British game publishing (though the credits actually indicate Luke and Gary Gygax created the […]

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The Night Children: Orcs of the Age of Ruins

After the swarming masses of goblins, orcs are the second most numerous and commonly-encountered breed of Night Children. Though all least demons are prone to mutation and malformation, the physiognomic diversity displayed by orcs is staggering. In fact, some sages with a particularly keen interest in styxozoology have suggested that rather than the five commonly accepted varieties of Night Children […]

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Rat-Man Priest of Pestilence: DCC Monster

Just to be clear, this was a pre-scheduled post. If you are actually reading this on Thursday evening, there is a distinct possibility that I am currently out having dinner with the lovely Mrs. Elise Carr. Now, onto something a bit less attractive … Rat-men priests have the same stats as standard rat-men with the […]

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Rat-Men: DCC Monster Stat Update

Doing another DCC monster update, this time to the rat-men. Despite all of the drastic changes in world during the intervening epochs, in the Age of the Sixth Ruination rat-men continue to thrive, infesting sewer, swamp, and dungeon alike. Rat-Men Init +1; Atk bite +0 melee (1d4) or short sword +0 melee (1d6); AC 12 (ragged […]

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Goblins: DCC Monster Stat Update

Here is my pre-play take on the DCC stats for goblins of the Night Children variety. While I should hesitate to stat up monsters for a game I haven’t technically played, I have played plenty of D&D in my day, both 2E and 3.xE. Plus, these are pretty much just the goblin stats from the […]

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Rat-Men of the Atgur Brutal

One of the most common threats faced by adventurers in the Age of Ruins are rat-men. Before Iso Kharu’s Wrath, any city of substantial size had at least a small colony dwelling in its drainage system, and their numbers have only increased since the cities were reduced to ruins. The byzantine sewers of Atgur house […]

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