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Power Armor for DCC (or other Retroclones)

I’ve been way out-of-pocket with blogging as the baby date gets closer (super excited and terrified), and I haven’t actually been gaming to boot. Doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about stuff occasionally, though. For example, this was something I drafted up a while back, meant to flesh out more, and now am just going to […]

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Lighting as Dungeon Encounter: Two Methods

Brendan at Necropraxis recently had a great post on using the random encounter die as a time-tracker — instead of just triggering wandering monsters, the encounter die could also lead to torches burning out or lanterns running out of oil. As initially written, he advises just ignoring such results for the first two or three […]

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Episodic Adventures and Then Some

So it’s been a while … As I mentioned over on G+, my wife and I are expecting our first child this June, and her first trimester wasn’t the easiest going for her. Compound that with my new position at work (started in August) starting to ramp up and the result is a lack of […]

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A Barbarian of Barbarians …

… a tall man, mightily shouldered and deep of chest, with a massive corded neck and heavily muscled limbs… his eyes a volcanic blue that smoldered as if with some inner fire… … he moved with the ease of a great tiger… … the vitality and endurance of the wild were his… … he was […]

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Message for you, Sir: Henchman PCs for DCC RPG

One of the interesting side effects of the DCC Funnel method of character creation is that it is possible for a single player to have more than one character survive to the end. Different judges handle this in different ways; some make their players choose a single character to level up, others allow the player […]

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It is Your Destiny: Less Random Character Creation for DCC RPG

I’m pretty confident in stating that DCC RPG is currently my favorite incarnation of the world’s most popular fantasy role-playing game. Lately, the esteemed barkeep at Tenkar’s Tavern has been posting quite a bit about DCC, and he recently touched on the subject of character creation. I’ve been thinking a bit about this subject as well. […]

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