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Power Armor for DCC (or other Retroclones)

I’ve been way out-of-pocket with blogging as the baby date gets closer (super excited and terrified), and I haven’t actually been gaming to boot. Doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about stuff occasionally, though. For example, this was something I drafted up a while back, meant to flesh out more, and now am just going to […]

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Indentifying Items, Magical and Mundane

It’s been a bit of a busy week at work, and I’m actually putting some extra mental energy into a couple things there, so it’s a short and simple one tonight. I’ve been generous with giving out the values of gems and other objects thus far in my DCC game, and I want to pull […]

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Encumbrance in Savage Worlds: Addendum

Correction: This post initially presented the rules for the Brawny edge incorrectly. Having thought a bit more and having gotten some good feedback for discussion, I’ve decided that I am going to go forward with the system I presented with the following specifics that I was previously uncertain about: The encumbrance penalty will apply to […]

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