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Closing Down at this Address

It’s been a very long time since I posted anything new, so I’m shutting down the custom domain. However, everything I posted and links to all the downloads have been updated at — and who knows, maybe I’ll post something new over there!

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The Blog-iversary

I missed it when I put up last Wednesday’s art post, but that was the 1-year anniversary for the Age of Ruins blog! Looks like I’ll be celebrating by not really posting this week. But despite the slightly more difficult time I’ve had keeping the schedule regular lately, I must say I’m pretty proud that […]

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D is for … Diabetes?

No, that’s not the next entry for the Hex Crawl Alphabet. I normally don’t post things that aren’t game-related, but given that it’s been about two weeks since I did anything but art posts, I just wanted to give a little context. Three weeks ago I started a new position at work, which so far […]

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A Brief Hiatus

Other than a Wednesday art post, there probably won’t be anything new here until sometime next week — I’m heading down to Ocean City Maryland for a short vacation and of course I’ve slacked on getting ready! See you on the other side!

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Link Library Updated

Just a quick note that I’ve added several new links to the Link Library. I’ve actually had a few rounds of addition since the blog started and never specifically called it out before; thought it was worth mentioning at some point.

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Dyson’s Delves is Here!

I mentioned this on the AoR Twitter account last night, but it deserves a mention here as well. As I’ve mentioned before, Dyson’s maps are just plain awesome, and the format of his new book makes it a great resource. Well worth your money!

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Note to Other WordPress Users

If you’re a WordPress user and have followed me, you may have noticed I was a bit slow to follow back. This is just because I’m a big Google Reader / Reeder for iOS guy, so I guarantee that I added your feed right away over there. Believe me, I’m impressed by the quality work […]

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Quick Aside on Pronouns

This probably doesn’t even warrant a post, but I have noticed that I tend to use male pronouns when writing rules. This is certainly not intended to be exclusionary in any way; I have gamed with women as well as men over the years, and in one of the longest-running groups I played in there […]

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