PHB 2nd Edition

In a world …

The title of this post is to be read in an overly dramatic movie trailer narrator voice. When I got my first copy of the Player’s Handbook in 1993, enthralled though I was by the classes, races, spells, and all of the great illustrations, I was just as fascinated (perhaps even more so) by the gatefold […]

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An Eponymous Origin and Overview

The Age of Ruins campaign began in December 2011, although with our monthly (at best) schedule, that doesn’t amount to a ton of sessions thus far. Previously I had been running an Iron Kingdoms military campaign, also using the the Savage Worlds rules. Though we were all generally enjoying the campaign (and had enjoyed IK campaigns […]

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Mountain Temple

An Introduction

Hopefully this will be the hardest post to write … So, hi, I’m John and I’ve been gaming for a long time. Not as long as a lot of people in the gaming blog world, and certainly not as long as most of the people in the OSR blog world, but it’s really those OSR […]

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