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Episodic Adventures and Then Some

So it’s been a while … As I mentioned over on G+, my wife and I are expecting our first child this June, and her first trimester wasn’t the easiest going for her. Compound that with my new position at work (started in August) starting to ramp up and the result is a lack of […]

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Hex Crawl Alphabet: D is for Dwarves

OK, we know that next hex over has a dwarven settlement of some sort in it. First off, what’s the general purpose of that settlement? Dwarf Settlement Purpose (d6) 1-3: Mining 4-5: Military 6: Mercantile Assuming “traditional” dwarves, military establishments represent a stronghold or fortress protecting the mountains, hills, or land below the earth from […]

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Hither came Conan… Part 2

First off let me apologize for posting this so late. I was sick last week and just didn’t have the capacity to focus on reading and writing. Many readers of my previous post, understanding that I planned on tackling the topic of systems in this one, suggested a fair number of resources that might assist […]

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The Sky City of Luen-Shai

Beyond the Realm of 1,000 Valleys lies a vast desert wasteland; it is the grave of the once-mighty Kaizan-Luo Imperium. Only one stronghold of its former glory remains in the entire barren expanse, floating nearly 5,000 feet above the rocks and sand: Luen-Shai, the last Sky City, home to one million surviving denizens of the […]

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Saturday Morning Maps: Atgur Brutal, The Great Swamp

Stretching for nearly 1,000 miles between the salty marshes at its ends, the Atgur Brutal (“Killer/Death of Men”) stands as a natural barrier between the Atgur Reach and the rest of the northern continent. For centuries Arethi merchants toiled to maintain marked, raised trade routes that would allow safe traversal of the swamp to the […]

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Gods of the Age of Ruins, Part II

Continued from here, and with credits at the end. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Arcanus (Lord of Magic, Gatekeeper to Endless Realms) and Rukma (Lord of the Void, Sentinel of the Outer Dark) The gods of the twin moons hold dominion over the arcane energies that infuse the world and allow the well-studied to manipulate magic. Arcanus is believed […]

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The Worlds of 2nd Ed: Planescape

My first encounter with a setting that wasn’t featured on the inside front cover of my PHB came in May 1995, a few days after my birthday. I had money to spend, so of course I headed to the mall to grab some CDs at Sam Goody and browse the FLGS. Sitting there on a […]

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