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Holy Shit: Let’s Talk about Clerics in DCC RPG, Part 3

As previously noted, I am writing with two particular assumptions in mind: One, that alignment represents allegiance, and two, that the majority of “nature gods” are Neutral. I would say that Turn Unholy poses the biggest problem for me in regards to Chaos clerics. Last time I mentioned the anti-cleric, who completely lacked any version […]

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Variety in Demi-humans and Bloggers

I’m still slacking on getting myself set up to take decent pictures of my minis. My Bones rewards are scheduled to arrive Tuesday, so I really need to get on that. The Bones minis are, after all, a big part of my excuse to paint minis and call it blogging. Speaking of which, the Bones […]

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OSR Cleric, Age of Ruins Style (Redone)

In keeping with the rest of this week, I’m already posting a revision on my OSR post from the other day. I realized that the version I posted before is probably overpowered by the standards of most old-school games, so I boiled it down to its essence and tried to adopt some Flailsnails-style compatibility. In […]

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Ruins & Rogues: OSR-Flavored Age of Ruins

Ever since we started on the setting, I’ve engaged in more-or-less frequent musings on how I would translate the setting to D&D rules in a way that would preserve some of it’s particular quirks. My vague concept of the “Ruins & Rogues” system would use B/X ability score bonuses (13-15 +1, 16-17 +2, 18 +3) […]

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