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An Age Undreamed of…

So I want to take this time to provide a short outline of the posts I intend to write. I think it’s important to have a plan especially with a project this big. There are already a plethora of d20 and Hyborian Age sources to reference. Hex Ox also reminded me of the d20 Hyborian […]

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Hither came Conan… Part 3

So it’s already been a longer post than I intended it to be. In fact with all the suggestions for systems it has become very obvious that I lack the resources to purchase every game that might work for my ultimate goal. I want to thank all of you for your suggestions. Your interest in this project is […]

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Sniffle Snork

Tonight was supposed to be a post about Planescape, but I’m still too intensely battling the cold that absolutely must be defeated before our long weekend in Pittsburgh to think straight enough to write a real post. So instead, click on the image below to get 3.5 stats for a Pus Golem.

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