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Holy Shit: Let’s Talk about Clerics in DCC RPG, Part 3

As previously noted, I am writing with two particular assumptions in mind: One, that alignment represents allegiance, and two, that the majority of “nature gods” are Neutral. I would say that Turn Unholy poses the biggest problem for me in regards to Chaos clerics. Last time I mentioned the anti-cleric, who completely lacked any version […]

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Servants of Order and Entropy: Alignment and Allegiance

Earlier this week, Keith Davies posted a comparison of three different “alignment” systems: The nine alignments of AD&D, the three alignments of OD&D, and the allegiance system of FantasyCraft and d20 Modern. In a bit of synchronicity, last week I was reading the Beyond the Black Gate Compendium 2010, which touches on the ideas from these two posts about the difficulty with alignment in sword & sorcery and shifting the OD&D alignment system toward an allegiance system. As I was reading BtBG, I was thinking that the allegiance scheme might be more in keeping with the tone of DCC RPG, and reading Keith’s post put me over the edge.

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Revisiting Faith in the Age of Ruins

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that I’ve been thinking about the idea of faith in my home game again; specifically the way the manifestation of divine power is reflected in the rules. Since there is no Arcane Background: Miracles edge or divine spellcasting in the setting, I originally outlined Faith as a skill modified by a few […]

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Gods of the Age of Ruins, Part II

Continued from here, and with credits at the end. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Arcanus (Lord of Magic, Gatekeeper to Endless Realms) and Rukma (Lord of the Void, Sentinel of the Outer Dark) The gods of the twin moons hold dominion over the arcane energies that infuse the world and allow the well-studied to manipulate magic. Arcanus is believed […]

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Gods of the Age of Ruins, Part I

I’ve had a rough week owing to my recent visit from Nurgle, so I’m going with an easy-to-write post for tonight.* This is just a brief overview of the major faiths in my group’s setting, each of which was an avatar of a single player during our Dawn of Worlds sessions. Most of the more […]

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