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Saturday Morning Maps: Roman Empire Edition

I’ve been super lazy during my week of vacation, which was pretty much the point, so mission accomplished. I didn’t finish a dungeon map, but in lieu of that I wanted to share a resource that you may or may not already know about: ORBIS, The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World It’s basically Google Maps […]

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The Worlds of 2nd Ed: Planescape

My first encounter with a setting that wasn’t featured on the inside front cover of my PHB came in May 1995, a few days after my birthday. I had money to spend, so of course I headed to the mall to grab some CDs at Sam Goody and browse the FLGS. Sitting there on a […]

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Faith & Demons Nation Guide: Anglo-Saxon (PDF Review)

The D&D campaign setting nostalgia will return next week; tonight I’m posting my first review for a contemporary RPG product. Faith & Demons Nation Guide: Anglo-Saxon ($1.95) is a 28-page PDF for use with Savage Worlds published by Mystical Throne Entertainment. I happened upon it by chance, and even though I don’t own Faith & Demons: The Rising (the […]

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