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Indentifying Items, Magical and Mundane

It’s been a bit of a busy week at work, and I’m actually putting some extra mental energy into a couple things there, so it’s a short and simple one tonight. I’ve been generous with giving out the values of gems and other objects thus far in my DCC game, and I want to pull […]

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The Alchemist by David Teniers the Younger

Alchemy in the Age of Ruins

Tonight’s short post brought to you courtesy of the now-broken stand on our artificial Christmas tree and the extra running around it┬ánecessitated. The science of alchemy delves into the base elements of existence and the strange essence of the otherwise intangible. Alchemy is not magic, per se, but trained alchemists can achieve extraordinary ends with […]

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Magical Artifacts in the Age of Ruins

Items of power lie waiting in forgotten temples and forbidden tombs throughout the world. Many an adventurer risks life and limb in pursuit of such items. However, in order to fully utilize a magical artifact, a character must learn the nature of the item they wield. The most rudimentary of magical qualities can be discerned […]

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