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ADCC: Deed-Based Warrior Subclasses

That’s Advanced Dungeon Crawl Classics (ADCC) – credit for the acronym goes to Ryan Colby. A while back I posted my take on the Ranger for DCC, inspired by Crawl! Fanzine #6, which also featured DCC versions of the paladin, bard, and gnome. I’ve actually had someone just start playing a ranger in my game, […]

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Raining Arrows

When I posted my DCC character sheet, I mentioned that the boxes for abstract ammo tracking would probably be implemented in manner similar to Brendan’s suggestion in this post: After combat, every character using a ranged weapon rolls 1d6; on a 1 they lose a quiver/level of ammo. I prefer this sort of simplified ammo […]

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Quick and Dirty Deeds

It is a scientific fact that Mighty Deeds of Arms are one of the coolest things about the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. The best deeds are definitely the ones that emerge as a natural reaction to the specific circumstances of a battle. But even the most creative of players may not be able to come […]

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