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Grisly Incantations

Since I plan on writing a post concerning magic in the Hyborian Age at a much later time I want to start collecting some opinions on the topic. I’m going to save my opinion on how the system should work until later but in the meantime I want to discuss some of my thoughts on […]

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Holy Shit: Let’s Talk about Clerics in DCC RPG, Part 3

As previously noted, I am writing with two particular assumptions in mind: One, that alignment represents allegiance, and two, that the majority of “nature gods” are Neutral. I would say that Turn Unholy poses the biggest problem for me in regards to Chaos clerics. Last time I mentioned the anti-cleric, who completely lacked any version […]

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Melt: A Space-Age Sorcery Spell for DCC RPG

Space-Age Sorcery is a free PDF stuffed with flavorful OSR-compatible spells of a strange science-fantasy bent. If anything about that sounds close to your game, it’s well worth your time to head over to Hereticwerks and download it. Here’s a DCC RPG conversion of one of the spells from that PDF using the spell conversion article […]

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Magical Research and Consequences

Last week, I posted about some additional gold for xp options I’m going to try out for my DCC game. I’ve put together a document for magical research (which I’ve also added to the downloads section). Most credit should go to Brendan and Jason, as my consequences are mostly hobbled together from things they’ve done previously. Check it out, and let me know what you think!

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OSR Cleric, Age of Ruins Style (Redone)

In keeping with the rest of this week, I’m already posting a revision on my OSR post from the other day. I realized that the version I posted before is probably overpowered by the standards of most old-school games, so I boiled it down to its essence and tried to adopt some Flailsnails-style compatibility. In […]

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